5 Reasons Men Want to Date Older Women

Men want hot, young girls that drive them wild with passion right? This is a stereotypical view of men and relationships. However, there is a growing number of men taking an interest in dating older women. And for good reason.

Researcher Milaine Alarie, discovered that young men are chasing Cougars – and not the other way round. In an article entitled “They’re the Ones Chasing the Cougar” Alarie argues that women’s attractiveness to men does not decline with age, it makes them more appealing.

Despite the stereotyping and social stigma attached to age-gap relationships, relationships between younger men and older women not only survive, they thrive.

And this is why!

Cougars are More Interesting 

Not all men are only interested in the sexual nature of a relationship. There is an intellectual component as well. If anything, a women’s intellect is often more important to a man than her sex appeal.

Men will openly admit the majority of their relationships with young girls have purely been focused on the physical side. Most young girls bore men to death.

Mature women have experience, a purpose and understand the meaning of life. They are good conversationalists, have balanced personalities and organised minds. These are important qualities for men looking to date women. 

There are Fewer Dramas

Most older women are emotionally mature. They know from experience how to handle toxic people and recognise when a situation is turning sour. This enables them to change their tactics and doesn’t feel the need to bitch and complain about their experiences to their partner in a negative way.

Moreover, mature women are not drama queens. Their emotional security and personal stability enable them to laugh off a situation. They are not clingy and don’t take offence to a harmless slight.

Older women know what they want 

Men find indecision annoying and immature. They like life to be plain and simple without any guesswork. One of the things men find most annoying about women is they don’t know what they want but expect men to know what they want.

Mature women are more sure of themselves and know what they want from a relationship. Moreover, she will tell her man. This means that you’re both painting on the same canvas and can work together in harmony.

The advantage of dating a woman that knows what she wants is that she also knows what she doesn’t want – or doesn’t like. Before things even hit a rocky patch, you will be able to communicate effectively and determine what is not working. 

Better Sex

This may sound contentious, but older women know how to pleasure a man in bed. Sure, younger women may have all the curves in the right places, but if they’re prudish, shy and lack confidence, it’s a real turn-off.

Cougars are confident, expressive and know a trick or two. Younger men are often surprised by how much better sex is with older women. It’s because they are emotionally invested.

They know what men want

Women that have previously been married or co-habited with men understand what men want. This is important in a relationship because they appreciate you need your alone time or to spend time with your mates. They don’t get moody when you spend time without them.

Mature women also pay attention to emotionally nourish men – something men often lack. A lot of younger men that have dated older women comment how cougars boost their confidence and self-esteem.