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Ready to meet someone special in St Davids? Whether you’re looking for love, dates or sex hookups, Bar4Fun is the best place to start. Our online dating bar makes it easy for you to find local singles and chat with men or women who want a long-term relationship or a short-term thing. You sign up and create a profile to use all Bar4Fun features and send messages to other members, and then arrange to meet up with your favourite people in real life. It’s free to join and use Bar4Fun, and you can browse photos of local singletons before you become a registered user.    

Bar4Fun is a safe online space where you can find and connect with local men or women, all from the comfort of your home. If you’re interested in meeting like-minded people when you’re not online, keep reading to discover the best places to mingle with other singles. 

Adult Dating Hotspots in St Davids

You can meet new people pretty much anywhere, but living in the UK’s smallest city limits your options when it comes to places to find potential dates or sex hookup partners. Let’s take a look at the top places to pick up singles in your city.

Pubs and Bars: There are plenty of watering holes in the city where you can find men or women looking to click with someone new. You’re more likely to meet keen singles at the pub in the evening, but many people enjoy visiting their favourite local during the day too. To increase your chances of finding a date or sex hookup, try different places, including bars located within the local hotels.

Bays and Beaches: People love going to the beach on a sunny day, be it for swimming, surfing or sunbathing. The city’s bays and beaches are also great strolling spots and ideal places to meet lots of men or women, whatever the weather. If you want to get someone’s attention at the beach, introduce yourself and ask them how their day is going. Asking them open-ended questions is one of the best ways to avoid awkward silences and keep the conversation moving forwards.  

Gyms and Leisure Centres: The gym is one of the top places to meet a potential date or a one-night stand, but only if you use a subtle approach. Start by smiling and saying hi to your crush each time you see them at the gym. If you find yourself at the water fountain at the same time, insist they fill up their bottle first and perhaps ask if they’re having a good gym session. When you’re ready to start a conversation with them, ask them if they can help you move a piece of equipment or show you how to work one of the machines. If they’re into you, they’ll continue to find ways to chat and get to know you.

Cafes and Coffee Shops: Meeting new people at coffee shops is a popular way to find dates or casual hookups. As St Davids is a bit of a tourist trap, the cafes are often quite busy, making them excellent spots to meet locals and visitors. When you see a man or woman you like, ask if you can join them at their table to enable you to sit and chat with them. Alternatively, get the server to send them a slice of cake or another cup of coffee from you. They’ll probably come to your table to thank you, which provides you with the ideal opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Sex Hookup Safety Tips

Meeting someone for the first time is always exciting, but it still has its risks. With this in mind, we’ve put together some sex hookup safety tips to help your stay safe in St Davids:

  • Always keep a friend or loved one in the loop by telling them where you’re going and the name of the person you’re meeting. You can also share your real-time location with them via an app on your mobile phone.   
  • Don’t leave home without a fully charged mobile phone and make sure you keep it on you at all times.
  • Never let your date or hookup pick you up or drop you off at home. Instead, drive yourself, get a taxi or use public transport when meeting for the first few times.
  • Meet somewhere public, like a café, bar or restaurant, where lots of other people are around.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or limit yourself to a couple of boozy drinks. Also, always keep an eye on your drink to prevent the possibility of drink spiking.  
  • Keep some personal information private. Don’t reveal things like the name of the street you live on, your work address or your favourite local haunts until you’re absolutely sure you can trust the person you’re dating or hooking up with.
  • If you feel pressured or unsafe, don’t be afraid to leave. Have an excuse ready or nip to the toilet and call your friend to fake an ‘emergency’ phone call. 

Sex Hookup Health Advice 

Pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, like Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, can be prevented when you practice safe sex. Using a condom every time you have sex will help prevent pregnancy and minimise the risk of catching or passing on STDs. Since some STDs and infections don’t show symptoms, you should get regularly tested at your GP surgery or local sexual health clinic. You must also follow the current rules on meeting with people outside of your household to protect yourself and others from coronavirus.  

Online Dating at Bar4Fun

At Bar4Fun, we provide you with a safe and easy way to find single men or women in your local area. If you’re looking for friendship, potential dates or sex hookup partners in St Davids, you can start conversations with like-minded people or wait for someone special to find you. Bar4Fun is a popular online dating bar that lets you create an awesome profile, search for attractive singles, and send and receive private messages for free. You can also browse members by age and location, then add your favourites to your very own friends list. Are you ready to meet someone new today? Join Bar4Fun for free now and start meeting local singles!